14 September 2012

Poll results -- Polls!

Surprise! People who vote in polls love polls! Oh, and there's a new poll (accessibility!) on the sidebar ===>
Are polls useful on this blog?
Yes -- and I vote in them 76%37
Yes -- but I don't vote in them 4%2
No -- but I vote in them 14%7
No -- and I don't vote in them 6%3
49 votes total
But seriously folks, I need some new questions for polls. What are you curious about? Where are the fault lines in our discussions of water.

On a more serious note, take this as an example of a constituency speaking out in favor of its preferences. Do we know that those preferences are of the majority? No, since we asked neither the population, nor a random sample, but a self-selected sample.

Bottom Line: A few people are not representative of all the people.


  1. Curious about: Discussions of water resources typically deal exclusively with freshwater. Is seawater a resource, and, if so, why does it not factor into the discussion more (i.e., saline water for energy production, downstream impacts of water pollution, saltwater intrusion, etc.)?

  2. Good question. You basically answered it: seawater is a resource when we put value on the functions it serves...


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