5 Sep 2012

Open access is not free access

I got this offer from the publisher of my forthcoming paper:*

Although I understand that publishers want to get paid, $3,250 is not a "fair" price for open access. First, because it's a price they are charging me, the author with the highest willingness to pay -- thereby generating monopoly rents in excess of the competitive price. Second, because they sent me this "release" a day after I signed over the copyright, in exchange for $0. Funny how their typesetting is going to make the paper that much more valuable!

Bottom Line: Journal publishers are doomed, in the same way that record companies were doomed by their failure to embrace digital files, file sharing, single releases, etc. [earlier post]

* You can read the free version here [pdf], and I'll update it to my "fair use personal copy" ASAP :)


  1. Intellectually it looks like Journal Publishers are doomed...I look forward to their demise...but their grip on published scholarship in my observation sure looks pretty firm.

    I would like to see Amazon get into the journal publishing business?

  2. Try www.peerj.com. Open access and peer reviewed. $99 for life.


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