15 Sep 2012

Flashback: 10-16 Sep

A year later and still worth a read...

Water policy in the Middle East. Read this. One big point is that groundwater mining -- not desalination -- is the region's Achilles heel... with respect to water. Ten years of digging looks at the bigger picture. It's now 11 years after 9/11. I recently discussed security and governance, but the main development in recent years is the move to freedom -- via the Arab Spring, NOT US-imported "democracy." People will not engage in terrorism if they think they have control over their lives and a decent future.

Bleg: Water utility supply curves They exist in theory, and there are real fixed and variable costs in reality, but good luck getting decent numbers from utilities that operate based on average costs!

Water markets in Europe Some conversation but nothing implemented in the past year :(

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