25 Sep 2012

Anyone out there? Help please!

As readers probably know, I am constantly trying to find new and better ways to communicate "aguanomics" to people. According to the poll that's now running on the sidebar, 72% of the 18 people who voted (a biased group) prefer to learn about aguanomics via this blog. Others like my book, academic papers and the webinars.

Well, the webinars are NOT going so well. I waited 10 min for someone to show up today, to ask questions about privatization and/or outsourcing, but nobody did, so I quit. The same thing happened last Friday, for the webinar on Chapter 8 of the book, but I did that one because I had prepared material to present.

This is not sustainable for me, since -- as much as I like to talk -- I like to talk to PEOPLE. In other words, I am not interested in talking when nobody is interested in listening.

I know that it's hard to get people to watch a webinar in front of their computer at a particular time and day, but I rationalized that they would watch archived webinars [here and here].


Views of recorded webinars are NOT on a good trend
So,  I've got a few thoughts:
  1. Please tell me if I can improve some aspect of the webinars (timing, technology provider, theme, topic, etc). Should I make them shorter? Should I have more guests? Help!
  2. I will finish chapters 9-12 of the book, since I want to review the materials for TEoA 2.0. Please DO show up if you are interested in the environment, climate change, human rights or conflict over water (the topics of those four chapters).
  3. I'll TRY to do a few more "discussions" on Tuesdays. I'll be talking to Alex Trembath next week about government's role in innovation. I hope to get a few more guests on.
Bottom Line: I am trying to find the right ways to communicate with you and the world on these ideas. I know that I can just blog my ideas and opinions, but I want to have more interaction, so that I can learn more from you, get new perspectives and create a larger group of people actively debating these ideas.