8 Aug 2012

Speed blogging

  1. The Bureau of Reclamation is "studying options" for balancing supply and demand in the Colorado River Basin. Although just about every option possible is listed, I wonder why BurRec is even bothering. Why not establish a cap per state and then let states figure out how to limit their demands (with potential side trades)? Or does someone think that BurRec can "manage" the millions of separate demands on the River?

  2. Floods in Beijing (like last year's floods in Bangkok) are worse when "traditional" flood control infrastructure is replaced by urban development.

  3. Disgusting. Politicians in Malaysia are creating fake water shortages to change election outcomes.

  4. Aquadoc muses on "When Is Building Dams Called Rainwater Collection?"

  5. "Have the French shown that water privatization is dead?" No, I say, but the comments are interesting.
H/T to DL