7 Aug 2012

Making money off bad policies

I'd expect to see this kinda of rhetoric from a check cashing business in the 'hood, but no, it's from Wall Street:

The sad/ironic thing in this advertisement (published in The Economist) is how shallow it is. Why is water access "expensive"? Why would foreigners invest in "places you may never have considered"? Because governments everywhere support inefficient policies (build another treatment plant instead of raising prices) and practices (do not charge the full cost of water service) that screw customers they are supposed to "help."

(I put "help" in quotation marks because some politicians are misguided while others are corrupt.)

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David Zetland said...

BS emailed me some interesting facts (see below). I didn't know Fidelity was investing in start ups, but risking "own" money is better than subsidies from bureaucrats spending OUR money.
I [BS] looked at the website, the resources the analyst suggests looking at, the Journal of Environmental Investing of which she is an editor. Links below.

(1) At least it is drawing attention of the ignorant to this 'free, inexhaustible' resource.

(2) If Fidelity is funding start up companies that design new filters, ways to pump, conserve, reuse, funding RO plants, etc. then it is a useful service since the politicians are not helpful.

I am very suspicious of anything associated with capital markets as their number one concern is themselves...but I would be interested to hear what she had to say. I do not have a Fidelity account and no way to contact her directly.

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