6 Aug 2012

Anything but water

  1. Grinzo has a detailed -- and scary -- post on how unlikely it is that we will reduce GHG emissions (no flying? no A/C?). The upshot is that, yes, we are in the fast lane for trouble (in a follow up post, he ponders the relevance of climate activists). How will YOU adapt?

  2. Two great (short!) videos: Who Exploits You More: Capitalists or Cronies? and The Free Market and Morality (still wise from 2008!)

  3. How to suck at religion (funny and insightful)

  4. Where can you get $10 cups of coffee? How about hotel conference centers in DC. Why? Because attendees and organizers are spending other people's money!

  5. Great post pointing out how big ag uses subsidies to produce pollution and terrible food.
H/Ts to LK and KO