23 Aug 2012

Anything but water

  1. Nightmarish "unintended consequences" from carbon offsets.

  2. Congress could kill ethanol in a flash, since it is "detrimental to the economy and environment of the US," but Archer Daniels Midland owns Congress. Sad.

  3. A brutal critique of Paul Ryan's crony capitalistic policy proposals. Was the VP-nomination his reward?

  4. A fascinating demonstration of effective (Baskerville) vs silly (Comic Sans) fonts.

  5. Psychologists (and other quantitative academics) are biased in their reports of "significant" results.
H/T to RM

1 comment:

  1. David Stockman was a former Congressman and Presidential Budget Analyst ("Voodoo economics" fame).

    I assume Stockman's argument is correct that Republican VP Candidate Paul Ryan's plan will leave middle class entitlements untouched but will cut health and welfare programs for the less advantaged.

    But Stockman's argument is equally fallacious and politically naive. How do you get the middle class to vote for health and welfare programs for the less advantaged? You give them entitlement programs. It's called logrolling in politics.

    If you have a one ton log you push your end and get a bunch of people to push the other end to get it rolling. This is how political movement happens.

    If it is true - which I find hard to believe - that middle class entitlements will remain intact and welfare programs will be scuttled then the political compromise that brought about entitlements for everyone would come apart.

    I've heard Stockman's purist libertarian ideology at libertarian meetings for years ("Ryan's a Trotskyite"). It's too bad that Stockman has stooped to ideology rather than responsible dialogue. I won't put any stock in Stockman's argument. And if what Stockman says about Ryan's budget is true I wouldn't put any stock in it either.


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