16 Aug 2012

Anything but water

  1. James Surowieki defends Bloomberg's ban on large sodas. Hint: reference points.

  2. A fascinating article [$] describing the effort to eliminate mosquitoes with genetic engineering. Best part: etymologists entomologists agreeing "there's no ecological loss from the extinction of mosquitoes."

  3. The federal government is abusing the concept of "irrational consumers" to justify new regulations. This post goes even further in exploring the move from trusting citizens to know what they want to trusting regulators to tell citizens what they want.

  4. Michael Giberson highlights the economic failures of alternative energy: the federal solar power subsidy does not pay for itself and wind power fail: one and two. Here's some accounting on the nightmare payback periods for wind power: 56 thousands of years!

  5. Dan Ariely describes how a "few little lies" can turn into a failed nation. Greece is there. Italy is there. The UK has problems, but the US may be further along that path -- via lying political attack ads, Faux news, etc.