10 Aug 2012

Anything but water

  1. We should have been talking about The Social and Psychological Foundations of Climate Change years ago! Now we have to deal with the impacts of CC on food production (and vice versa) and it's NOT looking good.

  2. A nice post on blogging vs "traditional" publications for economists.

  3. Krutilla and Alexeev explore the reality in allocating costs and benefits:
    This article [PDF] shows how to modify benefit-cost analysis to reflect political behavior... Assuming a project's conventionally measured net present value (NPV) is positive, the relevant question to ask ex post is whether the monetized value of the project's political costs are sufficient to tip the accounting into the negative range.
  4. Alexandros Maziotis recently completed his PhD with studies of economies of scale and scope and performance efficiency in the UK water industry. Read this paper [PDF] to get a survey of the literature on scope/scale. Read this paper [PDF] to see why "the steady decline in average price performance, gains in productivity and relatively stable economic profitability after 2000 suggest that Ofwat is now more focused on passing productivity benefits to consumers and maintaining stable profitability than it was in earlier regulatory periods."

  5. Prepaid phones (even iPhones with data) are cheaper for consumers, but phone companies don't want you to know that!
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shopa said...

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