2 Aug 2012

Anything but water

  1. A great article ("Crowdsourcing is transforming the science of psychology") shows that some people have skewed views of reality:
    Some people think research projects which pay [voluntary] wages of less than $2 an hour are exploitative — even though that is the going rate for other Turker activities. Conversely, according to Karen Fort, of France’s Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, at least one university has already prohibited the use of grant funds for this sort of study, for fear that Turkers could claim status as employees.
    WTF, bureaucrats?

  2. Fail: "by the agencies’ own analyses, regulations have only a negligible effect on greenhouse gases, and the environmental benefits are vastly outweighed by the costs of compliance."

  3. In this TED talk, Frans de Waal discusses moral behavior in animals.

  4. The economics of gasoline, via Exxon, gives some useful insights.

  5. Essay mills deliver crap for $200. Good news for good students; bad news for lazy cheaters.

H/Ts to CD, EF, MG and RM

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