15 Aug 2012

An end to The End of Abundance on Facebook?

I have a "fan page" for the book here. 99 people have liked it. Woo hoo, but wait -- I've no idea what that means or why I should care. Can anyone give me a reason to keep it?


mac said...

to the extent it simply reflects #s of folks who visit your blog, who connect via LinkedIn, etc--the facebook 'like' adds no value

I dont see what would be lost by removing it. Therefore, no added value.

Mariam Ortiz said...

Well considering FB has 600 million registered users... enough said! :P
..there's a lot more ppl you could reach.
My suggestion to generate traffic or followers is to link your FB to your blog and twitter (add an RSS or conditional posting app) so everything gets on FB. You generate content, get ppl to share and BAM more followers (and dont need to spend time updating dif social media)! :)

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