13 Aug 2012

Aguanomics discussions

I have decided to try a "video webinar newshour" to further my goals of expanding the reach and improve the value/impact of the discussions we have here on the blog.

The first "Aguanomics discussion" (need a catchier title!) will be TOMORROW, Tuesday August 14th (also my birthday :) at 11:00 Pacific (14:00 eastern, 20:00 Amsterdam).

You can join us at this link. Make sure you have Adobe flash working (test link).

It will last for 60 minutes, during which time I will comment and then open the discussion on 2-3 topics. I am also looking for a guest comment of 10-15 minutes, so email me your topic and short bio if you have an opinion on something like, say the Sac-SJ Delta, desalination in Gaza, bottled water in India, etc.

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