4 Jul 2012

Want to write on water to win a prize?

The Emerging Scholars Award is an opportunity for early-career scholars and practitioners working in water-related fields to publish a brief article that presents their research, projects, or opinions to a global audience.

Participants are required to:
  • submit an 800-1000 word article relevant to one of three themes: "Water Security", "Water Economics", or "Transboundary Water Governance"
  • be a PhD recipient or PhD candidate under the age of 35.
Applications close Monday 27 August and open Friday 6 July at midnight (GMT).

The top 10 finalists will be offered the opportunity to publish on the Global Water Forum site and in the GWF Discussion Paper Series during September/October 2012.

First prize is US$500; second prize is US$300; third prize is US$200.

Prizes will be judged by leading academics from the Australian National University: Professor Quentin Grafton, Dr Jamie Pittock, and Dr Daniel Connell.

More details are available here.

As a guide, see here and here and here for examples of different types of articles recently published on the Global Water Forum.

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