27 Jul 2012

The scum of society

I like many things about the Netherlands (for example), but every paradise has its blemishes.

This is a fake passport...
Take the asshole, for example, who took my payment for a ticket posted for sale on markplaats (the Dutch Craigslist) and disappeared. Sadly, I fell for the scam about 30 minutes after someone wrote (in Dutch!) that he was an "Oplichter" (scammer).

What's weird to me is that the scammer (D. Koorn, link via MV) not only gave me a fake passport but also a real bank account number. I thought that those two bits of evidence would give the police enough to work with (the bank said that they would not act before the police did), but the police only said "don't use marktplaats." That's hardly good advice (like saying don't drive if you want to avoid a car accident), and it's terribly lazy when this guy -- according to others -- has been pulling the same scam, 30 euros at a time, for nine years.

Bottom Line: Every society has its scum, and they are only allowed to persist when the institutions for delivering justice fail in some way.

On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 9:48 AM, Secretariaat Team W-G&V (Parket Amsterdam) wrote:

Dear Mr. Zetland,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear that you lost your 30 euros.

We have contacted the police department regarding your complaint and we have been informed that this case will not be pursued and we will respect this decision. Cases like this - we call those Marktplaats fraud cases” are only actively investigated and prosecuted under certain circumstances, for example when large amounts of money are involved. I hope you understand.

I advise you to file a complaint through www.mijnpolitie.nl as well, in order to make other people aware of the fraud committed by D. Koorn and to prevent them from doing business with him as well.

Yours Sincerely,

K.M. Römer, Officer van Justitie

In reply, I wrote:

Dear Officer Romer,

Thank you for your reply. I am sad to hear of this decision NOT because the amount was so much, but because

(1) This guy has been taking money for years in small amounts that leave his victims without any police protection

(2) He is using a forged passport to do so (this is a criminal felony in the US; is it not in the NL?)

(3) He is using bank accounts that obviously require a BSN.

I am no police officer, but it seems that one policeman might find this man -- and end his numerous crimes -- with only a day or two of work.

Criminals, in other words, make a regular business in stealing from people without fear of the police or laws, and they do so knowing that they police will not bother to catch them. This kind of tolerance - the kind with a clear criminal and victim -- puts the Netherlands in the same category as Greece or Italy, where fraud has grown out of control.

Please feel free to contact me to pursue this matter. Many people would be happy to see this man caught, convicted and punished. Marktplaats would also be a better place for Dutch people to make legal and safe business, instead of a place where criminals work to steal our money.

(I have also filed a report at the website you gave me.)


Anyone interested in the details of this crime can see all the details in this ZIP file.


Unknown said...

We have been fucked over by the same guy as well, only this time he used a different name. I ran this picture through the images.google.com search engine and came accross this website. Amount stolen from my boyfriend was 100 euros, I'm fucking angry. WHY ARE WE NOT PROTECTED BY THE POLICE, what the hell?

Anonymous said...

now he is going with the name P.Stomphorst Onderhoud Company B.V
as an exporter of food products at the 21food.com

Azazell said...

Greetings, David (blogger) and Anonymous.

One of our company partners received offers from P.Stomphorst Onderhoud Company B.V.- which offers were very suspicious from the beginning.

If we can help each other and share info, please contact me urgent, reloaded711@gmail.com
Maybe one more opportunity to catch him.

David Zetland said...

The internet is catching up: https://www.ticketswap.nl/

Shirl12350 said...

On the one side you have innocent, uninformed victims walking into the traps of merciless con artists and on the other side you have Ryan Eagle Scammer following a "shoot in the dark with a shotgun" approach to claim as many victims as possible.

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