24 Jul 2012

Speed blogging

  1. G. Tracy Mehan reviews [PDF] TEoA in The Weekly Standard: "Here is a succinct, articulate book ... that explains the beneficial role of economics in encouraging wise stewardship and social harmony in water and waste-water supply and provision." Michael van der Valk says it provides a "provocative outside view" -- PDF in Dutch -- in H20 Magazine.

  2. Head over to Growing Blue (a website devoted to explaining the importance of good water management) to read two overview articles I wrote: "Water and the economy" and "How we should manage water but sometimes don't." There will be more articles in the future.

  3. Planning ahead: "Cross-Canada Checkup: A Canadian Perspective on our Water Future" reviews water issues (quality and quantity) across that (now) water-rich nation. The Canadian Water Network, likewise, is supporting more research on the Blue Economy.

  4. Tough field work: Collective action and the rules of surfing. (Not from The Onion!)

  5. "In my study on university students [PDF], I asked them which household activity consumes the most water - more than half said showers (the right answer, of course, being toilet). So not only is society (or part of society) is keen to control your time in the shower,* their undue emphasis on a single activity is misinforming young minds. May be they should have a campaign to limit the # of flushes. Even if misguided in its method, at least that would be right on target."

* Sri refers to the discussion of "anti-social showers" in TEoA, in which I complain about too much micro management of our water use. My solution is neither regulations on showerheads nor education on the number of flushes, but a price of water that's high enough to reduce ALL water uses.

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