5 Jul 2012

Speed blogging

  1. Check out UN-Water's Key Water Indicator Portal and the Sustainable Water Resources Site for lots of information.

  2. This 1994 paper [$] describes "marginal opportunity cost (MOC) pricing for municipal water supply -- a pricing method that reflects the marginal production or private cost (MPC), marginal user or depletion cost (MUC) and marginal environmental or external cost (MEC)." I call that "full cost pricing," but I guess that FCP was taken...

  3. Aquadoc quotes Famiglietti on how VERY little we know about groundwater.

  4. Yet another journal: Water Resources & Economics.

  5. Determinants of Residential Water Consumption in Ten Countries are prices, low-flush toilets, and environmental awareness.

  6. How wasteful are subsidies to US farms? Try this:
    The average marginal value of irrigation is $380, while we find that on average $1 of intermediate inputs provides $0.96 of final output. These results are driven by a small subset of states with large negative values, indicating persistent misallocation of resources... government subsidies increase value of output by $0.083 per real dollar of subsidies.