7 Jul 2012

Flashback: 2--8 Jul

A year later and still worth a read...

Senza tasse -- an example of how Italians dodge taxes (no relation to their financial problems, of course ;)

Watch me talk about TEoA -- this is the overview video. I am now planning a series of free webinars -- one per chapter -- to engage you in a dialogue on the discussions in the book.

How much for a irrigation water meter? A hot topic (15 comments) last year. DWR claims $6,500 each. Others say $1,000 should be possible, but then there are the $12,000+ claims, some of which include extensive infrastructure. Does anyone have an example for an ID/WUA that had, say, 20+ meters installed? I claimed $650, which seems low. Thus I owe Mike and Delbert beers, and I'm happy to pay when I pass through California in August -- unless someone can show that I am right :)

Poll results -- Give and take -- people "balance" accidents in their favor by giving back -- or so they claim. I've got Ariely's book on dishonesty on my Kindle for review.

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