31 Jul 2012

Aguanomics webinars, newsletter, newshour!

  1. We've held two webinars so far to discuss chapters from The End of Abundance. You can go here to watch the archived presentation and discussion.

    The next webinar on chapter 2 ("Dirty water" -- wastewater and water quality) will take place on Friday, 3 August at 8:00 (pacific)/11:00 (eastern)/17:00 (europe). Sign up to attend here.

  2. I've also started a weekly aguanomics newsletter for those of you who do not have time to visit the blog as often as you'd like. In it, I will highlight a few good posts and pass along news and views on other events (not too much!) and perhaps some job postings. You can sign up here.

  3. In the near future, I am also thinking of hosting a weekly aguanomics news (half-) hour to comment and discuss (yes, audience participation!) water and other issues. These may also include guest perspectives. These will probably happen -- live -- each Tuesday, around mid-day. Tell me (here in the comments or via email) what you think of that idea and how to do it well.

1 comment:

  1. A short weekly discussion sounds great! You could write up an agenda just to hit some points you want to discuss, but otherwise, even a free form discussion would probably go (relatively) smoothly.


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