28 Jun 2012

Speed blogging

  1. Fair warning: The Global Water Grab -- A Primer by Kay and Frank of the Transnational Institute is a disaster: biased and lacking analytical depth. Its first example of a grab -- Mulholland "taking" water for LA --- is wrong. It fails to acknowledge the central role of government (TNI's favorite entity in any debate is a benevolent government, and those are EVERYWHERE, right?) in enabling/supporting unsustainable water use and/or grabs from traditional communities. I don't know if I am a "neoliberal economist" (wtf is that?), but I am surely a thinking one, and this pamphlet lacks thinking.

  2. Speaking of grabs and the like, there are special issues on land/water grabs in Water Alternatives [open access] and land grabs and green grabs in the Journal of Peasant Studies [$]. Warning: put on your neo-Marxist hat before engaging with these discourses!

  3. In other publishing news, check out this article on using simulations as a tool for negotiating Delta uses (in the NL, but applicable elsewhere) and managing water in the face of climate change (this example from Florida) [both open access].

  4. An interesting article on water management -- and sometimes trading! -- in China.

  5. Black & Veatch's report -- Strategic Directions in the U.S. Water Utility Industry -- has some useful discussions from the industry POV.

H/Ts to PK and TM