7 Jun 2012

Speed blogging

  1. A new project to test whether environmentally-responsible prawn farming in Africa can safely and sustainably eliminate a devastating human disease, schistosomiasis.

  2. Today’s water rates are too cheap, if anything.

  3. Robert Pyke (an experienced engineer) slaps down politicians [pdf] over their ignorance in "managing" California's Delta. Well done.

  4. Central Basin Water District sues critics for libel. Sounds like that they are not just corrupt (as accused), but scared and illogical (you can't libel a government agency).

  5. Modesto ID farmers are considering selling water to San Francisco to pay for infrastructure repairs. Good idea.
H/Ts to SJ, DL and RM

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JD said...

Its great that MID consider all options for the use or sale of their water. I would caution that since they are soon to be regulated on the salinity in their surface and groundwater discharges they may find that the value of their source water to mitigate their local discharge effects may far exceed the price SF is willing to pay. Best advice is to make sure the terms allow MID to retain local use of the water when they find they need it for local salinity mitigation efforts. Or even better, deliver it to SF after they have used it for local mitigation, if that is feasible with the available conveyance options. SF may not pay as much but it could be a better long term answer for both parties.

Of course the true value of all water uses has to be signaled for the optimum to to be reached. Current law ties both hands by regulating prices, and uses, such that optimum (or even just better) may not be achievable.

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