12 Jun 2012

My TEDx talk

Follow this link to watch the talk I gave at TEDx Wageningen.*

In the talk ("Pushing a String"), I spoke on the difference between markets/ecosystems in which push/pull competition produces more robust outcomes and water systems where push mechanisms give very little power to consumers, who are faced with the option of accepting the service/choices they are given or giving feedback that's ignored (i.e., pushing on a string). I go on to give fail examples of Las Vegas (sell you cheap water then tell you how to use it), Westlands Water District and the millenium development goal for clean drinking water. I also provide win examples to show how each of these fails could be reversed.

The talk was a challenge for me, not just because my mike fell off, but also because I was using no notes, trying to work a string (not very well, unfortunately), and speaking on this topic for the first time. That said, I think I did a decent job (7/10), and the chocolate was quite good.

Please let me know how you think, either through stars or comments here.