18 May 2012

Speed blogging

  1. "Everything is dead" in the Gulf of Mexico, due to the BP spill, it seems. Let's see how this story develops...

  2. I discuss fracking on Wisconsin Public Radio for an hour [21MB MP3]. Ed Dolan offers an EXCELLENT overview of the economics of fracking (perfect tutorial). The National Academies had a forum on the health impacts of fracking.

  3. Arthur Laffer has a book on "fixing" California and an op/ed on water that makes some familiar (and correct!) points:
    Yet that doesn’t mean there [need be] “shortages.” In a functioning water market, prices would adjust to balance increasing demand with decreases in supply.

    Higher prices would encourage conservation by making waste more expensive.

    They’d also create incentives to bring new supplies – such as water from desalination facilities – to the market.

    But the state’s politicized water control system prevents the market from doing so. Instead, politicians and other public officials determine who gets what and when. Well-organized political constituencies do everything they can to influence the rule-makers. That’s not necessarily good for the rest of us.
  4. WaterLex has a "Human Right to Water and Sanitation" Online Legal Database.

  5. In case you were wondering: "Floods becoming more dangerous, more costly, says World Bank"
H/T to JC

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