19 May 2012

Flashback: 14--20 May

A year later and still worth a read...

Free stickers aren't free -- the opportunity costs of "green" subsides.

Can we blame Goldman Sachs? One year later and no sign that they caused jumps in food prices (they certainly benefited from them).

On a related note, I offer this opinion on players in the financial crisis, some perceptive words that I said to a friend in a moment of pique:
Yes, we know that the guys from Goldman Sachs are certified cunts; the Germans are just tight.
My solution? Same as a few years ago:* Declare bankruptcy, pay 20-30 cents on the dollar/euro, and let sustainable finance get to work -- with more experience on what happens to foolish lenders.

Realpolitik means killing your own people -- still happening in Syria :(Economics is often called The dismal science by those who oppose its insights. The name was given to an economist who opposed slavery.
* Read this, this and this.

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