16 May 2012

The Facebook killer

Would be twitter for groups, with an archive...
  • Most people on FB are "tweeting" about this and that in their lives.
  • Some people care to look at another's past, or at their self description.
  • Few people care about who's friends with who or who updated their photo.
  • Nobody wants to read advertisements related to anything others have done -- beyond their simple tweets.
Do YOU think those functions are worth $100 billion? $10 billion? I don't.


  1. I use FB to keep up with my friends as our lives get to busy. Just found out one of my "close" friends got a new job. I know she had been looking but hadn't heard she got one until FB. Is it worth $38 a share? only marketing people know for sure if their investments pay off. I hardly visit any of the advertisers but I do look for information from local businesses who have FB pages. I also use it to find out about local restaurants, but beyond that not much!!

  2. Any thoughts on the guy that is giving up his passport to avoid his capital gains? Narrow view of a youngster.

    Most people on FB - tweeting for their 15 minutes of fame

    Some people - but few see value on historical comments

    Few people - unless there is perceived value

    Nobody wants - I'm skeptical on the value of over-exposed tweets.

    Do YOU think those functions are worth $100 billion? Not a chance

    $10 billion? Highly unlikely.

    $1 billion? Still doubtful

    $100 million? Maybe on a good day after a solar eclipse!


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