17 May 2012

Clippings from OOSKAnews

Here are a few items of interest from OOSKAnews*

KARACHI, Pakistan (19 Apr 2012):
Ten thousand people die in Karachi every year due to renal infections caused by contaminated water, according to ... the Pakistan Council of Research on Water Resources... “98 percent of functional [water supply] schemes were providing unsafe drinking water,” and 95 percent of functional water sources were unfit for drinking due to microbiological contamination.
LIMA, Peru (26 Apr 2012):
Peruvian asparagus exports... threaten the water supply in Ica... consuming 35 percent of the water in the area...in the last 50 years, water levels in the region have fallen by 50 meters, due to an over exploitation... now reducing water levels... at a rate of two meters per year.

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