14 Apr 2012

Flashback: 9 -- 15 Apr

A year later and still worth a read...

More supply doesn't mean no shortage -- last year there was plenty of water in California. Now there isn't, and water managers are scrambling (and fighting) over what's there because they are not using tools to balance supply and demand.

Non-profit profits at water utilities -- anyone who thinks that "nonprofit" means "efficient and ethical" needs to read this.

The right to water in a restaurant? Still an annoying problem where they prefer to sell you tap water (in the Netherlands, e.g.). I suggest asking for an empty glass and then filling it in the bathroom sink.

Am I allowed to call them [California politicians] liars? crazy? cynical manipulators of voter opinion? That's what little I've learned in a year.

The microeconomics of selling your stuff, i.e., most markets are "thin" in terms of matching supply and demand at an accurate price; it's more about luck. Speaking of which, anyone want to buy my BMW motorcycle? :)

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