5 Apr 2012

170 percent of what?

JF sent this photo, which may contradict Imperial Valley's claim to grow 80% of winter veggies in the US. I think that these farmers need to do less lobbying for irrigation subsidies and more math.

I also think I was right to call IID's claim agit/prop.

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CRG said...

Looking at Imperial County's crop report and the USDA's stats on Arizona's vegetable production, and picking broccoli as an example, Imperial County produced as much broccoli as the entire state of Arizona in 2011.

As I commented in the linked post, much of Yuma's and Imperial County's produce is processed together, so once it's shipped it is much more difficult to separate out what percent of the US supply came from Yuma and what percent came from Imperial Valley. That's where a lot of the confusion lies. That 90% statistic is more than likely representative of the REGION (which includes Imperial County), not just Yuma alone.

I hear a lot of statistics thrown around about how much of the nation's winter produce comes from the area. The numbers generally range from 2/3 to 90%, and if you press further, they will usually tell you that the statistic encompasses the whole region.

Because I am not a fan of using statistics that can't be defended, I usually try to err on the side of caution and say 2/3 of the nation's winter produce comes from the region and leave it at that. I will stand behind that statement.

It's harvest time, David. You could come out and see for yourself...

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