10 Mar 2012

Where have the rating stars gone from posts?

From Outbrain, the free service I used to use:
Where has the rater gone?

Over time, we've realized the rating system on our widget hasn't been helping us in our core mission of recommending great content to your readers [making money from advertising links inserted in your posts]. We've found other ways to produce recommendations that have proven more effective at engaging audiences than relying on user ratings.

As a result of these advancements, many of our bloggers have started using the Outbrain widget without our ratings system at all!

In order to keep our focus on recommending content, we've decided to discontinue our rating system from our widgets. If you're using Outbrain ratings, you'll see them disappear at the end of February. Of course you'll still be able to keep using Outbrain for recommendations, and we expect to continue making that service better and better for you over time.
Looking for a new widget! Check out the little thumbs up or down! Like it?


Outbrain said...

Hi David, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the removal of our rating system.

We've actually found that the recommendations system we use for both paid and unpaid links are more effective than the rating system.

With the new system, it's about adding value for readers - not revenue extraction. Readers are served content recommendations that are more relevant to their interests and as such, we see a higher click through rate than when the rating system was in place. We aim to help improve their content discovery experience and this was one of those improvements.

Hope this helps explain why we removed the rating system.

David Zetland said...

Hi Outbrain, but I don't agree. People use products in different ways, and I don't like the reduced choices you've given me.

So I switched. That's what's great about capitalism.

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