14 Mar 2012

Speed blogging

  1. "Reading privacy policies for the average number of websites a person visits would take 76 days," which is why people do not read them. That's a problem if they are going to market your personal information to others but less of a problem if competition exists. If I was a competitor, I'd read your policy and make mine better to grab your clients. Do any websites do this?

    In related news, one organization claims that African women spend 40 billion hours collecting water. Unlike the policies that we do not read, these are hours that are actually wasted.

  2. Climate change is NOT the same as seasonal weather, but people treat it that way:

  3. Along the same lines, politicians and water managers in California are hoping that people who see the drought this year will commit to spend $billions over years on water projects boondoggles.

  4. Speaking of context, Belinda points out that managers wasting $1.5 million of ratepayer money on steak and fine wines should not be condemned -- UNLESS we also condemn them for spending $780 million on a unnecessary desalination plant. Good point.

  5. Fred Pearce follows up on the UN's non-achievement of the MDG for clean drinking water. I am happy to be quoted, calling them on their BS.

1 comment:

  1. Keep up with good work!!

    We must protect our water.
    We may survive without oil but not without water.

    “AQUA is Life”




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