1 Mar 2012

Speed blogging

  1. Steven Spierer and I had a great conversation [60 min, 29MB MP3] about The End of Abundance.

  2. Emily Green does a great job on "follow the money" going to local politicians who may help Cadiz mine Mohave groundwater. In a followup post, she discusses Cadiz's habit of [rhymes with cock] teasing.

  3. Jay Lund has a great list of seven curious things about water management. My favorite: "Studies forever, are sometimes cheaper and more politically convenient than action or technically serious work."

  4. An Integrated Assessment of Water Markets: Australia, Chile, China, South Africa and the USA [PDF]

  5. The Center for Sustainable Development has an interesting newsletter with details on water projects in developing countries.
H/Ts to JC and MP


  1. Thanks for linking, David. During the first bid by Cadiz for this water, the Pacific Institute commissioned a study on the cost of the water. The institute isn't assigning staff to it this time around. If anyone, especially economists, is interested in the anatomy of a press release game to enrich speculators, or in going in and doing a cost-benefit analysis of this project, it needs doing. Why the SEC isn't all over this is a mystery to me.

  2. @Emily -- are you assuming the SEC represents investor interests? Oh, have I got a hidden desert aquifer to sell to you! /annoyed at govt failure.

  3. A classic 'pump and dump' scheme...if you'd like a good read on the origins of these stock schemes, I highly recommend Richard Trainor's 'Paradise Lost?'. Excellent investigative reporting on issues, believe it or not, that are directly related to and/or were the blueprint for scheme's such as this.

    You'll have to get past the memoirs portion of the book and stick to the political/investigative portions, otherwise very, very enlightening as to how the game(s) all got started and whom started them!


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