23 Mar 2012

San Diego vs MWD

Some of you may have noticed this ad on sidebar of my blog:
The Truth about MWD

The San Diego County Water Authority says that the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is run by a secret society (read more).
I agreed to post this ad for a few reasons:
  1. I wrote my PhD dissertation (Conflict and Cooperation within an Organization: A Case Study of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California) about the conflict between SDCWA and MWD, so this is just the most recent development in a cold war that's lasted for nearly 60 years and a hot war that's lasted for 20 years. You can download it for free.
  2. I tend to believe San Diego's claim that other MWD member agencies have "conspired" to charge SD more -- and thus lower their own costs. These points were central to my dissertation.
  3. The solution to these fights -- described in Chapter 7 of my dissertation -- is obvious, but MWD's management (that's you Jeff!) and Board of Directors (that's you Mr. Foley!) have continued with business as usual, which has done nothing to promote sustainable water use in SoCal or efficiently distribute water among MWD's 26 member agencies.
To read more about the "secret society," check out SDCWA's website, its press release, or these stories [one two three four] in the SD papers. The response from MWD [PDF] reminds me of Putin's empty rhetoric.

Bottom Line: MWD will continue to under-perform on political, economic and environmental measures while it pretends to have abundant water for all its member agencies. MWD needs to change its water management institutions before change is forced upon it.

H/Ts to MD and RM