21 Mar 2012

Quickies from Marseille

H/T to CF for this idea
  1. The Dutch told everyone how great they are at managing water but failed to talk about their water quality problems (farmers! nitrates!)

  2. The security people did not allow people to take bottles of water past checkpoints. WTF?

  3. For your lunch ticket, you could get a bag lunch or three courses and wine in the Grand Palais, which was the largest building and used only to seat 2,000 people for lunch.

  4. I walked out of the debate over public vs private water provision because the first (anti-private) speaker, David Boys, was so ridiculously divorced from reality. (He works for trade unions, work a baseball hat during the debate and can be seen checking his email while others speak). What I missed -- but you can see on this video (at 1 hr 11 min) is Winonah Hauter asking a question -- and getting quite slammed with the answer. Why is that interesting (besides that I debated her on full cost recovery last year)? She was invited to participate in the debate, told the organizers that she was too busy, but then showed up to make a speech. Classy.

  5. My overall impression is that the WWF was dominated by promoters of the conventional wisdom who made boring pronouncements of continued effort, reports and initiatives without saying anything new (see this excellent post, which happens to quote me).

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Hi David, great you liked Michaels' post, thanks for linking to our blog. You do inspiring work.

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