23 Mar 2012

The plot thickens

I just got this email in response to this post:
David I am sorely disappointed in your selling your soul for an ad .  Your comments are not matched by the legal facts or reality. I would ask you, as a long time supporter of your scholarly endeavors ,to really analyze  the facts and report independently . You owe it to yourself to keep your intellectual integrity
And replied with:
I didn't sell my soul. I would had said that stuff regardless. I took the ad because i agreed with it, not the other way around. You still need to read my diss
Indeed, I would be pretty stupid to sacrifice my opinion for such a trivial sum, but I've turned down far greater amounts to maintain my integrity. It's all I've got.

Bottom line: I'm no cheap whore. I'm not even a whore.

Addendum from my correspondent:
David Okay, I feel better now, but I still think you are wrong to take Met on when I really think you don’t have all the facts. All San Diego is after is a cost shift to other Met agencies to make up for the cost of the IID transfer. This is a many year ongoing battle. Do I need to read your dissertation since I read your book and distributed copies to my senior staff?
Yes, you do. my dissertation [free here] is all about MWD and its member agencies. My book is quite general to water issues worldwide.