9 Mar 2012

My talk at the World Water Forum

Our society and economy depend on access to clean water to function, making water much more valuable than its current price tag suggests. How can we achieve an efficient use of water resources? How can Europe break the link between resource use and environmental impacts while respecting the boundaries of sustainability? The new report by the European Environment Agency ‘Towards efficient use of water resources in Europe’ takes a closer look.

Join us on 14 March (19.15-20.15) in Marseille at the 6th World Water Forum (Parc Chanot - PEu 1 - Europa 1)

  • Towards efficient use of water resources in Europe (Beate Werner, EEA)
  • Water efficiency and economics from an industry perspective (Joppe Cramwinckel, WBCSD)
  • A view on water economics in Europe (David Zetland, University of Wageningen)
  • Water supply and sanitation efficient and at the right (Durk Kroll, WssTP)

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  1. Curses! I missed that one on the program and came back to the hotel. Hope it all went well.


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