13 Mar 2012

Multiple priority disorder

The organizers of the World Water Forum have taken the "co-equal goal" paradigm to a new level:
The International Forum Committee has adopted its Thematic Framework based on 12 Priorities for Actions within 3 overall Strategic Directions and 3 crosscutting Conditions for Success.

Maybe people are confused here because they are simultaneously trying to prioritize in 12 different ways -- or maybe they are ignoring these kumbaya mathematics as they do what they want and ignore "less than prior" priorities?

Bottom Line: Making everyone's priority a priority only confuses the issue.


  1. Co-equally funny, sad and true.

  2. In priority-setting meetings I always ask "What is explicitly *not* high priority this year? What will we lack the resources to do, given what we have already decided we are doing?"

    And, no, no one ever answers these questions. They make people nervous and sometimes angry.

    Of course, given that "Time for solutions" is in quotes might indicate that they fully understand the rhetorical nature of their enterprise.

  3. It's why we suggested that we could skip hosting WWF6 in Durban and presumably why the Canadians were otherwise occupied ...

    But surely the French are great hosts? If they can remember who is CEO of which water company, today!


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