6 Mar 2012

Interested in urban water tariffs?

Maybe you want to read this paper I just wrote!

A global survey of urban water tariffs — are they sustainable, efficient and fair?

Abstract: We examine the relationship between tariffs and sustainability, efficiency and equity using a unique dataset for 308 cities in 102 countries. Higher water tariffs are correlated with lower per capita consumption, smaller local populations, lower water availability, higher demand and a lower risk of shortage. Aggregating to the national level, higher tariffs are correlated with higher GDP and better governance. A different country-level analysis shows that a higher percentage of the population with water service is correlated with better governance, higher GDP and a greater risk of water shortage. The relationship between water prices and service coverage is statistically inconsistent.

Comments/corrections welcome, but hurry -- it's in the final stages of review...

Oh, and there's not really enough data to tell if private or public have lower tariffs (the average public tariff is lower, but there are 273 public vs. 36 Private/PPP tariffs).

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