3 Mar 2012

Flashback: 27 Feb -- 4 Mar 2011

A year later and still worth a read...

Wow. So sad and pathetic: In last year's Monday funnies, China and Russia spoke against intervention in Libya. One year later, they are opposed to stopping the massacres of civilians in Syria. I guess know they would shoot their own people.

Monopoly power -- nice vignette about a medieval trade monopoly.

The flaws of peer review -- in which a triple professor looks down his  nose -- and reveals he's a fool. (He'd hate blogging for its egalitarianism.)

The Water Framework Directive -- a huge law in the EU, but I am not sure of its effectiveness (except in generating paperwork?).

Look at the BIG picture! Yes, we are definitely going to have food (hunger) problems in the next 20-30 years. But politicians prefer to spend more on -- let alone make policy for -- guns than butter :(

Never say never irrigation -- a long post in which Peter Gleick and I discuss irrigation via an intermediary :)

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