17 Mar 2012

Flashback: 12 -- 18 Mar 2011

A year later and still worth a read...

Measuring subsidies to kill them? It seems, unfortunately, that the Global Subsidies Initiative has run out of steam on irrigation. (GSI seems to be prioritizing fossil fuel subsidies, which are also a bad idea.) It's a pity, in fact, that the World Water Forum (just now!) has failed to confront the damage that irrigation subsidies do to good farmers, food security and environmental/economic sustainability.

Westlands -- Worse than I thought ... it still amazes me how politicians can continue to support an organization that's got so many problems, and then I remember the power of bribes, zeal and inertia. WWD has gotten plenty of favors, but the biggest one is the egos of the people who have given so many subsidies to an unsustainable business.

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  1. welcome to the reality of corruption in political life.

    Political corruption is worse than private sector corruption because it is almost always about power and therefore NOT prosecutable.

    money and sex for favors are.


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