21 Mar 2012

DC to NV: Drop Dead

BT sent this story in which Pat Mulroy -- a water manager with some of the cheapest water prices and lowest water supplies in the Western US -- asks for cheap federal money to pay for her boondoggle $800 "third straw" into (a draining) Lake Mead and "cover the costs of climate change"

Are you fucking kidding me?

Bottom Line: Vegas will not have problems if it stops giving away water at way too cheap prices, but right now it's run by a gambling addict who just wants "one more bump" from the house.


Christa said...

The elevation of Lake Mead is almost entirely independent of Las Vegas' water consumption. Based on USBR Accounting and Water Use reports for 2000 to 2010, Nevada's consumption accounted for a little less than 4% of total withdrawals, while Arizona and California were the other 96%.

If Nevada had completely stopped using CO river water for the last decade, they would have avoided the loss of 4.5 feet of elevation in Lake Mead, compared to the 114 feet that the lake actually did drop over the last decade. Las Vegas just doesn't consume enough water to be able to influence the elevation of lake Mead, no matter what their local allocation strategies are. So, the only way to prevent Las Vegas needing the third intake is for Arizona and California to change their water consumption patterns.

Tim in Albion said...

Staggering amount of pure bullshit quoted in that article. Even by today's debased standards, that one is a doozy. This bit in particular took my breath away:

"... a climate impact that happened overnight. There was no gradual way to deal with it. We had to deal with it immediately."

Climate change has now become a convenient excuse for any and all boondoggles and failures. LV can overbuild itself, knowing it doesn't have the resources, and when the event that everyone saw coming finally arrives, it can blame the whole thing on climate change - and then expect the Feds to bail them out. (Maybe the bankers should have made a similar claim - surely the real estate collapse could be spun as a climate change effect - to deflect the rage of Lefties?)

And how exactly are they dealing with it "immediately?" Oh, right, by asking for another Federal handout. Jesus wept.

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