3 Feb 2012

Speed blogging

  • Steve Spierer will interview me live on TalkRadioOne.com at 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern on Saturday. We will discuss The End of Abundance (now over 1,000 copies in print!) and other water issues.

  • GWI continues to innovate in the water sector: Using biotechnology to improve water technology.

  • The Economist has a good article on natural disasters. This caught my eye:
    Development by its nature also aggravates risks. As cities encroach on coasts, wetlands and rivers, natural barriers such as mangrove swamps and sand dunes are obliterated and artificial ones—dykes and sea walls—are erected to keep the water out. The result is to put more people and property in harm’s way if those barriers fail... As cities on river deltas extract groundwater for industry, drinking and sanitation, the ground subsides, putting it further below sea level and thus requiring even higher dykes.
    That's a perfect example of the human habit of pushing limits "to the margin." We should, instead, be drawing back. For more on that, read "Adapting to climate change: examples from the Netherlands" [pdf]

  • WhiteWater (of Israel) is blogging on "water quality and security." Speaking of security, an Israeli court rules that Israeli companies can "mine" the West Bank "due to facts on the ground" (oh, and "jobs"). I'll have a post soon on water in Israel and Palestine.

  • Check out Aquacue's real-time water use interface [I advise the company] and tell them if that's the way you want to see your residential water consumption.

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