20 Feb 2012

Right, so how shall we do a webinar?

There appears to be some interest in an aguanomics webinar. Now we need to decide what that means, i.e.,
  • Technology: It seems that a conference call, with toll free numbers would make sense in the absence of visual aids. Can this happen via skype or Google+?
  • Price: I want to limit participation to ten people, with reservations going for $5 (on top of the cost of hosting, if any). Make sense?
  • Topic: I am thinking of narrowing the webinar to a topic worthy of a one hour discussion, e.g., urban water tariffs, water market, and so on? What's your hot topic?
  • Timing: I am in Amsterdam, so it seems a good idea to have it in the morning in California, on a weekday. Make sense?
  • Format: I'd prefer an open discussion to Q&A and Q&A to me talking. How would we manage that protocol?
So please give me your thoughts. I'd like to do these every month or so, with an MP3 archive available to people who cannot participate.