22 Feb 2012

News flash: Don't worry about drought...

...worry about balancing supply and demand.

They are already talking about water use restrictions in SE England in response to two dry winters. That's because there are too many people using too much water from local supplies. One proposed solution is to bring water from Wales to the "thirsty" areas. That's not a solution -- that's just an excuse to grow more demand that will find, eventually, the margin. Remember,

The solution to drought, climate change, environmental flows, etc. is to keep demand below supply. That's a management issue, not a nature issue.

Bottom Line: Don't destroy Nature when you should really be living within your means.
Coyote discusses the same problem -- non-sustainability -- with respect to political spending exceeding revenues. He highlights the hypocrisy of politicians spending like drunk sailors while telling families to tighten their belts. The same can be said to politicians and water managers who mismanage big water flows and then tell small customers to "adjust."


  1. As a parallel to your comment about SE England, what do you think about the revived discussion about the bypass pipes for the Bay Delta. Do you think that Southern California's needs can also be managed vs. a $14 billion dollar project?

  2. @JP -- Nope. Read these...

    Nope. Waste of money as far as "fixing the problem" is concerned...



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