27 Feb 2012

Anyone listening in Las Vegas?

I played the "save Vegas" game posted over at Aquadoc. The goal is to keep Lake Mead from draining by finding ways to reduce demand.

Here are your choices:

Although this amazed me:

This was REALLY interesting:

Bottom Line: Pat Mulroy and the other people trying to prevent water shortages in Vegas don't need to spend $billions building a pipeline to suck groundwater from under the desert. They need to play THEIR OWN GAME to understand how reducing demand can achieve the same goal at a lower -- sustainable -- cost.

1 comment:

  1. NO. Not as long as Mulroy is in control.

    Raise prices? Are you kidding? All of Nevada is so used to federal subsidies, they can't think outside of that box.

    There have been a number of very viable proposals presented to LV and SW Nevada, but Mulroy stops them all.

    It's not a function of drought, it’s a function of bad management. Sound familiar?


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