10 Jan 2012

Speed blogging

  • The biggest municipal bankruptcy in US history can be traced to corrupt and incompetent water managers in Alabama (prior post).

  • Thailand considers "water derivatives" as a potential insurance hedge against flood damage. Good idea (see this and this post).

  • Holy cow! Jeff Michael says that there's been no benefit-cost analysis of the "Delta conveyance;" he also wonders if farmers are willing to pay $700-800/af for their share of the costs of the project (assuming benefits even exceed costs). I'd say no. The farmers expect others to pay.

  • The students who reduced their water use by 14% during a "water battle" (where consumption was compared, one dorm against another; see prior post) further reduced their demand by 6%. Now THAT's demand destruction!

  • Water (the journal) has a bunch of articles on re-using wastewater.
H/Ts to DL, RM and NT

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