30 Jan 2012

Poll results -- food, energy and water

Hey! There's a new poll -- persuasion -- on the right sidebar (maybe I should have made it YOU instead of "people") ===>

Which of these areas needs MORE government involvement
Food 15%12
Energy 35%28
Water 51%41
81 votes total

So this was a trick question, in a way.

First I think that the government already plays a smaller role in Food and Energy that government. More interesting is voters' response that the government needs to play a bigger role. Where does that come from? Environmental flows? Irrigation? Tap water prices?

Bottom Line: I can probably trace 75% of water problems to one government idea or another. That said, I understand the need to coordinate, regulate, etc. But that "minimum government" rule is often exceeded in negative outcomes from government programs (e.g., subsidy to agriculture). What's needed is some simplification of government programs so they can more useful.