7 Jan 2012

Flashback: 19 Dec 2010 -- 8 Jan 2011

A year later and still worth a read...

Your money for their propaganda -- ACWA's advertorial magazine. In a recent update, Lloyd Carter highlights ACWA's most recent PURCHASE of favorable data. Nothing like a little propaganda to make people admire you. (I wonder how Tim Quinn -- ACWA's Director -- can look at these petty lies without turning in his PhD.)

Wikileaks, Gawker leaks and netiquitte -- wikileaks has exposed many government lies in the past year, but social media continue to expand ("if the service is free, then you are the product")

Water Chat with Veolia on water footprinting -- I'm talking to Veolia about this again this week.

The river runs dry -- an incredible (sad) diagram of flows -- or lack thereof -- on the Jordan River.

Business and water -- the effects of political mismanagement of water are still there and not improving.

Why some conflicts never end -- Palestine-Israel, the Delta, etc.

Two more papers on conflict and cooperation -- inside a water organization (Metropolitan Water District of Southern California) may help you see how to reduce conflict.

H/T to RM

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