5 Jan 2012

Cleaning the pipes

Speaking of Blue Revolutions...

I'd like to suggest that all you readers (and many more non-readers!) tackle one part of water management that's been bothering you.

It may be a leaky tap or a slow-draining sink.

It may be that thirsty lawn or the clogged rain gutters.

It may be understanding your water bill or setting your hot water thermostat.

It may be learning where your tap water comes from or the age of the pipes below your street.

It may be organizing a discussion group with your neighbors to understand your local water policies.

The first step is the hardest -- you need to identify a problem and set aside some time to deal with it.

I will help with the next steps, in providing advice/opinions on how to tackle the problem -- on the blog or via email. Also feel free to list your ideas in the comments, to inspire yourself and others.

(Slow draining sink? This article explains how to clean the "trap" pipe of hair and yucky goo in a way that's more effective and cleaner than using Draino.)

If you need some motivation, then remember what Matt was able to accomplish with only a funny dance:

Bottom Line: A little human action can lead to a lot of change. It may not be comfortable to change your routine, but the benefits of a little effort can go a long way -- for you and your fellow humans.


DW said...

I replaced two faucet aerators that were all clogged up last week....

Anonymous said...

Thank you, David! Last night at the supper table, my husband and I were having a discussion about a dripping kitchen faucet. He has replaced the washers and done some other stuff that I don't understand, but the silly thing still drips unless we turn the handles off as hard as we can. It doesn't bother him as much as it does me since he is hearing impaired and can't hear it. Finally, finally, he told me last night he is going to replace the entire faucet. I guess when faced with a wife on the verge of insanity because of the constant tink-tink of a tiny drop of water, he decided to do the wise thing.

I think I can do the cleaning out of the drain thing by myself, if I can sneak in the bathroom without his knowing.

Travis Teller said...

Nice to see posts like this. It'll make things a lot easier since people will start to know how to take care of their own drain pipes, leaving only maintenance and real serious jobs to the experts.

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