7 Dec 2011

MS Word update

After 15 years of updates, Microsoft Word STILL sucks so badly.

Just crashed while trying to run spell check (lost work, of course!)

MS needs more rocket-scientists (they appear to work for most other software companies).


  1. Yes, I agree. Granted my latex editor crashes more frequently, but auto saves everything every few seconds so I have never lost anything.

  2. @Joel -- what do you use? WinEdt rare (ever?) crashes on me...

  3. I use Texniccenter. Have thought about switching to WinEdit, but hard to find the time.

  4. Try Linux, which comes bundled with LibreOffice. Ubuntu 11.10 sucks in many ways, but it's a really easy way to at least learn Linux. You can download the image from the site, or just pay 5 pounds to get a disk sent to you. Best part - it's free.


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