3 Dec 2011

Flashback: 28 Nov -- 4 Dec

A year later and still worth a read...

The Economist calls it quits... ...on mitigating climate change -- as I did.

Failure as usual in India -- how is groundwater looking in UP?

BEST: A few words on footprinting (as in, bad idea).

BEST: Investing in Water -- still a lot of interest and a very few deals

Water auctions in Arizona that have not gone anywhere (right Taylor?)

Westlands takes its toys home -- from the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan. What happened since then?

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  1. Taylor Shipman6 Dec 2011, 02:20:00

    True. CAP's ADD water auction concept was dead on arrival... which was unfortunate because it was truly a unique opportunity (new supplies with new rules, blessing from the CAP board to "encourage competition", etc.) to introduce water auctioning to an allocation process that desperately needs it.


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